LMS for Corporate Training

LMS for Corporate Training

Author : Sandhya

Corporate training plays a major role in sharpening the skills of employees of an organization.

Learningcafe.in is an online web based e-learning management platform that empowers smarter, quicker corporate training. Learningcafe comprises of efficient Learning Management System (LMS) and a substance rich course catalog the perfect combination to improve L&D programs through course in creation of task to follow and track the web based business step by step.

Our Learning Management System allows corporate companies simplify the training process by helping them organise, track and manage employee’s efforts. It is user-friendly, easy to use, loaded with practicality, and customized to suit your requirements to keep your employees engaged and up to speed with all the recent developments.

Since it involves a wide range of knowledge in the corporate sector, Our LMS offers customized programs at your disposal. Courses can be created and delegated to employees using course authoring software and track the progress as well. This also acts as a knowledge reserve for employees and management enabling greater scope for employee development.

Benefits of LMS for Corporate Training:

Easy to Use:

Easy to keep track of who has completed a course and how they performed.


Learning Management system is highly flexible in the way allow users to access for the materials. A learning platform allows you to train the staff from different locations at no extra cost.

Track Progress:

It helps to track the progress and if necessary further steps can be implemented to make sure that the learning objectives are met.

Reduce Travelling Cost:

You can save your company money, since there are no more travel or expensive training conferences and instructor cost. A learning platform allows you to train the staff from different locations at no extra cost.

Increase workforce efficiency:

Our Learning Management system helps corporate companies to enhance the training and to achieve better productivity. It helps to increase the efficiency of workforce by delivering proper training about the product or services.

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