Benefits of Learning Management System (LMS)

Benefits of Learning Management System (LMS)

Author : Shiva Kaidala

LMS is for overall management of your training process, upskilling of your employees, an innovation in blended learning concept for your student which can be accessed on any platform such has Tab, Mobile phone, Laptop. Etc. with an advance features such has face-to-face learning, interactive and online learning. The visualization of content in both Video and Audio format will help the candidate to understand the concept in detail.

 1. Business (E-Commerce):

Online Learning Management System will open the market for your online courses will not be restricted to a particular location or area. The digitalization of your premium courses and e-learning availability on various platform will allow the candidates to pursue their dream course anytime anywhere. The platform will multiply your business opportunities and profits.

 2. Productive Management:

LMS platform allows efficient management of registration of candidates, Student Relationship Management (SRM), Class Management, Course and Content Management at individual level it helps to build a bridge between the students and tutors with easy accessibility to groups, course content, online tools such has resume builder, query management, FAQ’S and all.

 3. M-Learning:

Mobile app based learning increase the accessibility of course content to an individual anywhere anytime with an ease of both online of offline learning. M-Learning is a cut cost way off accessing the course content in today’s expensive and busy world.

 4. Digital-Multimedia Learning:

The system allows the educational institution or an organisation to create different learning media such has paragraphs, video based scenarios and questions using video, images, audio and text will serve has easy way to access the information and learn new skills. Candidates can also communicate with each other, trainers over a chat platform to clarify their doubts it creates an interactive learning of concepts and new skills

 5. Assessment Management:

LMS supports various kind of assessment formats such has MCQ’s, MMQ’s, T/F, Paragraph questions, Image based question and video based question the complete assessment will be time bound and the assessment question paper will be auto generated by system such has question randomization, option randomization to avoid any kind of malpractices by the candidate during the exam time.

 6. Personalization:

The complete LMS is personalized as per the industry and organization standards such has complete branding of the respected organization and hosting the application on the organization server to give the confidence of data security from the vendor end. The mobile app is also branded and hosted with the complete branding of the organization.